Media Literacy

The media routine I have consists of checking the news every morning or night, looking at memes, watching videos, and checking my social medias. Direct exposure is mainly just news. The rest are mainly indirect because they are just either random videos, or articles, but they can also sometimes repeat news. A decent amount of my intake consists of sports media or media about technology and cars. Although with the direct news it is a lot more real, the indirect is a lot more fun to read, look at, or watch.

A decent amount of my media consists of news because of how much of it I read, and how often I check it. The source I get it from a Google aggregator. I use this news source because I find the articles interesting, and enjoy to read them. I also like them because they apply to me. I trust them because most of the time there are multiple articles from different sources that say the same thing. The news I read is sort of biased because based on what I click on it can determine what I like, and what I enjoy, so then it starts mainly showing me that stuff.

A lot of my media consist of sports and entertainment because I enjoy that type of stuff. I mainly enjoy movies, books, gaming, and sporting events. Once again I use them because I  really enjoy them. I spend a decent large amount of time with them if I have nothing else to do. I do not let it interfere with anything because if there is something that needs to be done, or if friends want to do something, I will do that instead of being on media. They regulate it a little bit when it comes to gaming, but besides that they do not. Yes they are a little bit more lenient now.

To improve my media exposure, I could lessen up on my time on social media. I could lessen the quantity, but I could increase the quality of my media.


Cheyenne and Wyo Tribune Eagle


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Going to Cheyenne was a great time. It was fantastic getting to see all of the details in the process of creating a newspaper. Another great part of the trip was getting to see the rustic downtown, and also getting to visit the old train station. My favorite part of the newspaper place was getting to see the process of creating a newspaper, like the printing press. My favorite part of the downtown part was getting to see all of the old and rustic storefronts. All in all I enjoyed the trip to Cheyenne very much.


On Thursday the 14th we went to Vedauwoo. These are just some of the amazing views and photos that I seen and took while being at Vedauwoo. The natural formations made great opportunities for even better pictures, and it was a great time hiking around.

This one is mainly about my legs almost acting as leading lines.
In this one the rock and the closer tree sort of act as a frame for the middle of the photo.
This photo is mainly about the rule of 3s because the main part of the picture is in the bottom 2/3s.
This picture uses depth as it’s creative device because the mini empty pool like thing opens up to the rest of the background.
The creative device used in this picture is mainly background because the foreground is sort of bland, but the background becomes intricate and beautiful..
This device is mainly focus because it is centered around the little memorial and the background gives the picture some depth.
The device in this picture is depth because the rock in the foreground gives an idea of where the picture was taken which leads into the background which is full of different rocks and trees.
This photo mainly focus and framing because the focus is on the writing and the rock sort of keeps your eyes near the writing.
The main part of this photo is framing, leading lines, and creating depth. Leading lines and framing because the tree branches point to and frame the cave, and the cave just creates natural depth.

Prexy and Geology



I mainly took pictures of the flora around the Geology Museum and Prexy’s Pasture, as well as a few dinosaurs, the Engineering building, and the main statue at Prexi. I learned that focus can change a lot of things about a picture, positioning is important, and lighting is almost everything.



The engineering building picture is sort of mainly about positioning because it is mainly in the bottom and middle of the photo and the center of the building is almost the center of the picture.
In the tree picture it is more about position and the trunk can be a leading line.
In the pine needle one it is about focus and zoom.
In the dinosaur skeleton one it is about position. lighting, and 3X3 because the dinosaur takes up all squares but the top right.
In the branches one, the branches provide a natural frame around the statue and the shade vs lighting provides a sort of cool pattern on it.
In the T-Rex statue lighting has a big role, focus is also important, in this photo.
This photo is also about positioning because the stature is in the bottom middle and the top has nothing.
This photo is about focus on the flowers and also about positioning because the flowers are mainly in the bottom but then the photo transfers into the background with all of the trees.

My First Look at HSI

My name is Andrew Albrandt, and I am from Glenrock, WY. I am currently attending HSI (High School Summer Institute). I am between my Sophmore and Junior year of high school, and I am 16 years old.

I was nominated for HSI because I managed to get some of my teachers to recommend me, filled out the other things necessary to be selected, and kept my grades up. I hope to learn a better understanding of using and creating content on the internet and also better understand media from this class. Another thing I hope to learn is how natural resources are collected and used, by learning in my other class. I hope to learn many of my classmates experiences in this camp as well as how they feel about the camp. Thus far in the camp I have had a great time, because the classes are fun, the activities are great, and the people are even better. This experience is what I had expected because my sister and mother both went and said it was one of their best times in high school, and at this point it is shaping up to be just that.

As I read over other students’ past blogs it helped to learn what they did and what they wished they did so that my time here can be just as great as many others. It also helps to learn how they felt about the camp so that I know it is going to be wonderful. Some of the main things that I found to be surprising was how the trip to Vedauwoo was mentioned a lot. Another thing that surprised me was the fact that despite the amount of kids they managed to meet and know a very big amount of other students. All in all, I hope to have a great time and meet a lot of people at this camp.